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语法填空提升练(二) 时态和语态
1.(2016·浙江)Silk          (become) one of the primary goods traded along the Silk Road by about 100 BC.
2.Actually I did.I phoned the manager this morning,expressing my unhappiness with their food.And he promised that he          (look) into my complaint as soon as possible.
3.As I opened my back door,I thought of how each one of those little dots of light was special.Each one of them made the night sky a little brighter.I thought of each of us lives here and how much our light          (need) as well.
4.The butterfly was angry and told the cockroach,“I        (beat) you in a beauty competition,with whichever judges you choose.”“OK,I accept.See you on Saturday,” answered the cockroach.
5.Looking out of the window my mother complained to us  about the irresponsible and cruel person,who had just thrown a dog.We          (tell) to stay away from the dog as we could not afford it.
6.He’d never thought about it ever since.One day a woman got very sick and the doctor,said she wouldn’t recover.To sort out their affairs,the husband took down the box and      (bring) it to his wife’s bedside.
7.He threw his hoe away and      (l ie) by the tree every day,dreaming for more rabbits to come.
8.(原创)In five minutes,we          (stop) by a  traffic policeman who demanded to see my license.
9.(2016·浙江“十校教研教改共同体”12月联考)On the very evening of  their arrival,Zhang Lingfei and her friend who study in Britain had dinner in the Cambodian restaurant that      (come) under attack by terrorists.
The IMA Blood Bank 1.      (set) up in 1995 with a goal that no needy patient should ever die due to lack 2.       blood in Dehradun and its surrounding areas.
Deeply 3.      (move) by the pain and suffering of a child who was being taken to Delhi with a bleeding leg wrapped in plastic,4.      (simple) because there was no blood bank in Dehradun,Dr Dipak started a movement to create a blood bank by engaging(联合) with the local community.5.       began as a small activity has taken the shape of an inspiring institution of international standards.Due to the huge voluntary support from the local people,the blood bank has enough blood to function round 6.       clock to serve the local patients.
7.      (help) more people in India,the IMA Blood Bank has also developed a team to educate the public about blood donation.They are trying to make people understand that donating blood is one of the highest 8.      (form)of charity.It can be donated by almost any adult who is 9.      (health).It is safe to donate every three to six months because blood is recover ed very quickly in the body.
Meanwhile,the media plays a major role in 10.      (create) a higher level of awareness about blood donation .This will encourage more and more people to donate blood voluntarily.

Our grandparents seem to have magic powers sometimes.Give them a Chinese lunar calendar 1.       they will know what the weather will be like days or even months later.
What’s the secret?They are following the 24 Solar Terms(节气),2.       were added on Nov.30 to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity(人类非物质文化遗产)by the United Nations( UN).It is a knowledge system and social practice 3.      (form) through people’s observations of the sun’s annual mov ements and its influence on the climate.
The 24 Solar Terms 4.      (come) into being during the Qin and Han 5.      (dynasty).At that time,most Chinese people made their living on farms,so weather changes were 6.      (extreme) important for them.But of course,they had no satellite,Internet or weather broadcast 7.        (help) them.8.       these difficulties,they managed to work out 24 Solar Terms by studying the sun’s movement and also 9.      (pay) attention to other natural changes such as air temperature,water and crop growth.
It is honored as China’s 10.      (five) great invention,after papermaking,printing,the compass and gunpowder.Now,it is still widely used in daily life even in the age of technology-based modern farming.


语法填空提升练(二) 时态和语态
[考 点巩固练]
1.had become 考查动词的时态。由时间状语by about 100 BC可知,这是发生在公元前100年之前的事情,表示的是过去的过去。所以用过去完成时。
2.would look 由语境可知,look into my complaint会在经理承诺后发生,故用过去将来时。
3.was needed  考查动词时态和语态。作者把我们比作星星,我们发出的光 也是非常被需要。故用被动语态。
4.will beat 由语境可知,这是谈的下一步的计划,所以用一般将来时。
5.were told 我们被告知要离狗远一点,此处为被动形式,且文章为一般过去时。故用were told。
6.brought and连接并列谓语,时态保持一致,都用一般过去 时。
7.lay 考查时态。前半句用的是一般过去时,所以这里用lay。
8.were stopped 考查过去时的被动语态。从句用的是过去时,且句中的by,we和stop是被动关系。
9.came 这里描述的是已经发生的事情,所以用一般过去时。
【语篇解读】 本文为说明文。介绍印 度血库的起源及发展历程。
1.was set 本题考查动词的时态和语态。由句中的时间状语in 1995可知,应用一般过去时。动词set与句中主语The IMA Blood Bank之间存在被动关系。故用被动形式was set。
2.of 本题考查介词。lack of...为固定搭配,意为“缺乏……”。
3.moved 本题考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,动词move与句中主语Dr Dipak之间是被动关系, 故用动词-ed形式,作原因状语。
4.simply 本题考查副词。此处使用副词simply修饰整个原因状语从句。
5.What 本题考查名词性从句。分析句子结构可知,此处应为主语从句,而且在句中充当主语,用what。句意:起初的小活动形式已具备国际标准。
6.the 本题考查冠词。round the clock为固定搭配,意为“全天的”。
7.To help 本题考查非谓语动词。分析句子结构可知,此处应用动词不定式短语作目的状语。
8.forms 本题考查名词。“one of the+名词”结构中名词用复数形式。
9.healthy 本题考查形容词。由前面的“who is...”可知,句中缺少表语,用形容词形式。
10.creating 本题考查非谓语动词。由前面的介词in可知,后面应为宾语,故用动词-ing形式。
1.and 考查连词。祈使句+and+含有将来时的句子,相当于一个条件状语从句。
2.which 考查定语从句。which引导非限制性定语从句,which指代先行词24 Solar Terms.
3.formed 考查过去分词。过去分词短语作后置定语。a knowledge system and social practice和form之间是被动关系。
4.came 考查过去时态。24节气产生于过去,要用过去时。
5.dynasties 考查名词复数。两个朝代,要用复数形式。
6.extremely 考查副词。作状语用来修饰后面的形容词important,意为:极其重要。
7.to help 考查不定式。不定式短语作后置定语,修饰前面的名词。
8.Despite 考查介词。despite“尽管,不管”。句意:尽管面临这些困难……
9.paying 考查动词-ing。paying和studying是并列的动作,作介词by的宾语。
10.fifth 考查序数词。24节气被誉为中国的第五大发明。

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